My name is Nelson Andrews. I’m the president of the Andrews Transportation Group, which consists of Andrews Cadillac, Jaguar Nashville, and Land Rover Nashville. We are an auto dealership that has sales service, parts and body for all three brands.

Andrews Transportation Group uses LBMC for all our external accounting. So, whether it’s planning, tax, audit, or year-end, LBMC is our one stop shop for all those services. We partnered with LBMC probably 25 years ago when we attended some conferences that LBMC was holding about automotive accounting. We have always had a very good experience working with LBMC at Andrews Transportation Group and now LBMC also handles the personal accounting for our family.

Nelson Andrews

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LBMC has an extraordinary culture. The company is very professional but also very friendly, collegial and approachable. It seems like top to bottom LBMC just has a really good quality of folks. I’ve always felt at home over at LBMC. We’re incredibly lucky to have locally such a great regional accounting firm.

It’s important to work with people that you like, respect and trust. The personal relationship with LBMC is a big reason why we are comfortable using LBMC for all our accounting related needs.