Making a Difference – Tax Apportionments

We ask the right questions.

Sometime in the fall we will have a good will meeting just to make sure that everything went fine for the current year and learn everything that could potentially be happening now so in the future we already know about it up front.

Tax Apportionments

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How LBMC saved a client $550,000.

What we uncovered through active listening:

  • Tax client with multi-state tax liability
  • Requested business and occupation tax compliance service
  • LBMC identified opportunity to take advantage of out-of-state apportionment tax savings
  • We recommended placing inventory in the (out-of-state) location to satisfy state apportionment requirements.

This gave us the right to apportion. We ended up having a 100% state apportion of $1,000,000 reduced to 45% state apportion of $450,000. Therefore, saving the client $550,000.