A recent report from cybersecurity firm, FireEye revealed that Chinese hackers have been actively targeting a shortlist of multinational law firms since at least June of 2017. This was an apparent effort to spy on lawyers and steal confidential information, proving that not only are law firms targets of nation states, but attackers are also keeping up with current news, using well-designed phishing campaigns that contain references to pertinent, high-profile U.S. news stories. Although law firm data breaches are not often in the news, they are happening at an alarming rate, and cybersecurity professionals need to be aware and equipped for knowing how to appropriately address such breaches.

In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Bill Dean highlights some specific examples of law firm data breaches and why law firms are such large targets for cyber-thieves.

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Listen, and discover these key takeaways:

  • Recent examples of law firm data breaches
  • The efforts of hackers to use U.S. news stories and scandals in hacking
  • Why law firms are cybersecurity targets
  • Reasons law firms need to be prepared for potential data breaches

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