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Small And Mid-Size Businesses Can Save Thousands With LBMC's New Tax Solution



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How can TaxView Express help your business with sales and use tax miscalculations?

As year-end approaches, CEOs and small business owners are well into planning for 2018. But they may miss planning for one common but often overlooked problem - sales and use tax miscalculations. One local firm developed a new technology to help small and mid-size businesses with this fast-growing niche. LBMC, a Top 50 accounting firm and the largest professional services organization in Tennessee, recently rolled out TaxView Express through a certified alliance with Dynamic Tax Solutions (DTS) to meet a growing need in the market.

How can TaxView Express help your business?

  • Accurately calculate sales and use tax on purchases
  • Prevent tax overpayments, saving you thousands of dollars per year
  • Prevent tax underpayments, keeping you in compliance
  • Save time and increase efficiency through automation

Free TaxView Express diagnostic using real-time data helps determine accuracy

Sign up for your free diagnostic.

LBMC is offering a free diagnostic to determine accuracy on sales and use tax calculations. Because the diagnostic uses actual client data, you will see the solution in action and can make an informed decision about how TaxView Express can help you on an ongoing basis.                                                                                                

TaxView Express was born out of an idea from LBMC’s Brian McCuller, Shareholder-in-Charge of Tax, who had seen success with DTS’ signature service, TaxView Pro. “Brian was looking for a way to problem solve for his small and middle market clients, and he brought his idea to us. We had already developed our turnkey solution for large companies, and Brian saw an opportunity to provide a comparable service for small to mid-size companies. We developed the new technology and are thrilled to have LBMC as a certified partner,” said Jim DiBenedetto, Co-founder, President and CEO of DTS.

Through the new alliance, LBMC and DTS are bringing technology where it doesn’t currently exist in this space. “TaxView Express is a game changer for businesses facing the challenges associated with use tax calculation errors. Overpayments add up and take away much-needed capital used to grow the business, while underpayments can lead to compliance risks and tax penalties. There is no other tool that does what TaxView Express does. We can now provide accuracy through automation for the small and middle market,” said McCuller.

Additional benefits of TaxView Express include its simple, user-friendly platform and its fast and easy setup. As no system integration is required for implementation, users are usually up and running in one to two weeks.

Click here for more information on TaxView Express.

About LBMC

LBMC is a Top 50 firm in the country and the largest professional service solutions provider based in Tennessee, serving more than 6,000 clients with diverse needs across a spectrum of industries. Today, we've become industry leaders in financial, human resources, technology, information security, and wealth advisory services.