scarlett hotel group

Formed by its three founding partners, Scarlett Hotel Group acquired its first hotel property in 2016. Coming from a background of larger hospitality organizations, the group saw an opportunity to flourish within the industry by taking a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach. The team now acquires, develops, and manages quality hospitality assets—particularly Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt Brands—with 155 employees across all locations.

The Challenge

Partnering with LBMC Employment Partners in 2017, Scarlett Hotel Group had 34 employees, steadily growing to its current workforce of 155. The group sought HR services to offer its managers benefits that were competitive with those of larger organizations. In addition to better benefits, the group knew it would be better served by spending time at the properties with their teams, instead of inside an office overseeing a payroll and HR department.

The Results

LBMC Employment Partners increased the scalability of Scarlett Hotel Group’s workforce, supporting its consistent growth from 34 employees in 2017 to 155 in 2020.

Scarlett Hotel Group regularly acquires new hotel properties, which calls for LBMC Employment Partners to transition new employees to its PEO accurately and efficiently—currently including a total of four properties and the group’s corporate team.

With six Scarlett Hotel Group clients in total, including properties that only require HR services, LBMC Employment Partners supports the group as it continues to acquire hotel properties.

As it grows, Scarlett Hotel Group leverages a competitive benefits package to attract qualified, talented managers to join its team, as well as increase the retention rate of its current managers.

Testimonial Icon
LBMC has been a key element in helping us to maintain our entrepreneurial approach to owning and managing hotels, while offering the same services to our family (team) members that a larger institutional owner and operator would.
Zio Pekovic, Principal & Co-Founder