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Six Tips for Goal Setting

 |  By: Leisa Gill, Director of Client Experience


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Some people enjoy setting goals while others think, "Why bother? We'll only break them or fail miserably."

Perhaps the issue isn't the action of goal-setting or our intentions. Perhaps the issue that leads to the failure is more about the process or steps we take toward achieving the goals.

  1. Forget what happened in the past. A goal is meant for future focus, not hindsight reflection. Overcome your fears and your fear of failure by focusing on the goal.
  2. Know that your goal is a journey. You don't get there overnight. It takes consistent plotting on the path you have put down as the "way" you will work to accomplish your goal. What you learn along the way will help you to be better at what you set out to accomplish and the insight will be invaluable.
  3. Write it down. If you write it down, you are more likely to do it. Put it on your calendar. Dedicate time to it. Keep track of the progress and always check your status to make sure what you are doing is helping you reach the goal.
  4. You are the CEO. You are in charge. If you desire it and consistently work toward it, you will succeed, but you must lead the way.
  5. Know when to get help. Some challenges are part of the journey and necessary to achieving a successful outcome, but they don't always have to be things 'you' do. Maybe they are things you orchestrate or apply through a more experienced tool or help from a person. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need to help you achieve your goal.
  6. Hold YOU accountable. Because you are in charge also means you are accountable. Having someone to answer to makes it a more real goal, and often keeps you on track. Find that person who wants to see you succeed and ask them to hold you accountable to the journey.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get started thinking through and putting your goals in writing. What steps will you need to take to achieve each one? How will you track your progress? Then share them with someone who will hold you accountable — and when needed will provide a sounding board for your ideas or next steps.

Today is the day! Invest in the process to achieve your goals.

Originally printed in the Nashville Business Journal.

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