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Physician Practice Management Consulting

Our dedicated focus and industry involvement provides an in-depth understanding of physician practices.  By having professionals with specialized skills in physician practice management, governance, or financial management/ analysis, strategy, tax planning, valuation, reimbursement, compliance, technology, and transaction advisory we bring a holistic approach to practice management with a deep bench of experience. 

This unique depth of experience becomes evident on each engagement at LBMC. Drawing upon the talents of all LBMC healthcare professionals, we can develop solutions that take into consideration the complex environment in which healthcare entities operate today, and help them prepare for the future as well.

Physician practice management is critical to maintaining a healthy practice.

Services provided by LBMC vary across specialties as well as practice size. Over the years we have served practices as small as single physician practices up to practices with 80 physicians and 200 employees.

LBMC provides physician practices with solutions to complex issues with accounting and assurance, individual and corporate tax services, financial and operational consulting, human resources, and coding, billing, and compliance. LBMC has provided services to most medical specialty areas.

We deliver expert business support to physicians and their staff who prefer focusing on medicine.

Physician Business Solutions Leader

Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald, FACHE

Shareholder-in-Charge, Physician Business Solutions, LLC and Healthcare Consulting

We cure business ailments with a delightful bedside manner.

Relieving the burden of business procedures from medical organizations is a gift. One we’ve perfected to a tee. But even with all our healthcare experience, no enhancement would be as effective without the spoonful of sugar we call personal service. It’s as important as our expertise. And it’s part of each and every interaction.

At issue
A new physician partner practice is looking to grow their business with hopes of selling in the future. Their focus is practicing medicine, not doing paperwork. They do want to create a large support system while remaining nimble in the market.

The solution
We stepped in with a complete Central Back Office (CBO) system that provides billing, provider enrollment credentialing and other administrative services more efficiently and effectively than they could on their own. It’s a seamless solution that frees doctors to spend more time with patients.