Group Purchasing Organization for Healthcare and Hospitals

LBMC Procurement Solutions is offering supply chain savings for alternate site healthcare organizations through our Premier Continuum of Care program. Your healthcare facility or hospital could achieve double digit savings on products and services you buy every day.

Our premier purchasing program have over 200,000 members who are taking advantage of a comprehensive cost reduction program to operate more efficiently. As a leader in alternate site supply chain management, our partnership with Premier provides a product portfolio that balances cost and quality.

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Products and Services

  • PPE and medical supplies – Access a broad spectrum of supplies from gloves to incontinence and wound care, to IV supplies and equipment.
  • Foodservice equipment & disposables – From chicken to juices to green and sustainable products, the agreements cover your every need through top-quality manufacturers and a full-range of offerings.
  • Office supplies, protective barriers & touchless business equipment – Access a wide array of office supplies, from furniture, door entry, faucets, soap dispensers, to toner cartridges, pens, paper, folders and even copiers and fax machines.
  • Laboratory supplies – Access new technologies for equipment, supplies and services. Contracts include blood glucose meters, blood specimen collection, reference laboratory and laboratory distribution.
  • Administrative/HR solutions – Save on administrative services and offerings such as car rentals, advertising, background checks, satisfaction surveys and service awards.
  • Pharmacy – Access contracting and knowledge transfer services that help you maximize the therapeutic and economic value of pharmaceuticals and medication use systems.
  • IT/Telecommunications – Access products and services such as cellular voice and data services, PCs, monitors, printers and copiers.
  • Facilities (maintenance, repair and operations) – Designed to substantially reduce costs related to the procurement of equipment, supplies and services used for facilities operations and construction, our contracts offer outstanding value. From can liners to flooring, plumbing products to HVAC equipment controls and supplies, you’ll find it all.
  • Capital equipment (procurement and planning) – Save on purchases of capital equipment such as exam room furniture and imaging equipment – as well as on construction or renovation projects.
  • Housekeeping and sanitizing products
  • Medical nutritional products and supplies

GPO Additional Resources

LBMC Procurement Solutions is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities and hospitals manage their supply chain to cut costs while improving quality. Members benefit from industry-leading prices offered through pre-negotiated contracts, as well as innovative tools, solutions, and knowledge-sharing. Our Premier partnership has one of the largest alternate site group purchasing organization programs, serving over 200,000 sites.

  • Supply Chain Advisor: Web-based contract catalog, price activation, contract management, and additional contracting news and resources.
  • Group buy and EXPRESSbuy™: A time-limited opportunity for members to purchase products at a reduced price.
  • Employee Discount Program: Negotiated price reductions for many products and services that employees can enjoy.

Join us as we continue to set new standards in healthcare costs and quality.