Information Technology Candidates

At LBMC Staffing Solutions, we place information technology candidates including: analysts, project managers, developers, engineers, administrators, help desk as well as other IT support positions.

Explore a partial listing of our current Information Technology Professionals available below. If you are searching for a specialized candidate with a certain skill set or would like a more detailed listing of top talent, please contact one of our search consultants today and they will help you find the perfect fit.

Seasoned Data Engineer-108CP

Seasoned Data Engineer with Senior level Python skills. In the candidate’s current role, they create data pipelines that allow for automated data processing reducing time and increasing efficiency for the business. This candidate has strong ETL and SQL skills with the ability to write API’s and create Cloud-based DevOps automation. Also has strong Software Engineering skills with experience writing applications in modern JavaScript frameworks and creating API’s that allow for seamless data transfer from one application to another. Prefers Data Engineering but also has skills as a Software Engineer. Impeccable communication skills with a strong desire to learn and grow as a Data Engineer embedded in a Data Science team. This candidate has a Master of Business Administration with a minor in Information Technology.

Seasoned Full Stack Developer-109CP

Seasoned Full Stack Developer with over 20 years of relevant experience and has architect level skills with Angular and .net.  Due to the current COVID situation, they were recently released from a 2-year contract at HCA (Health Trust), 6 months before completion because of the hiring freezes.  In this role, he developed modules for a new Purchase Orders Discrepancy Resolution application which was created with ASP.NET Core 3.1, Entity Framework Core 3.0, Angular 7, MS SQL 2017 and Azure Services.  He has also been involved in developing an E-Commerce platform using ASP.NET, Entity Framework 6, Angular 5, SQL 2016, and Azure.  He is a true software consultant and has had a passion for development his entire career.  He is a consummate professional with a reputation for delivering for his clients. This candidate has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

Software and Data Engineer-110CP

Solid Software and Data Engineer with Python and Java Development experience. Team-orientated with experience in programming, Agile project management, and software design, seeking a role to expand technical skills, as well as refine and augment interpersonal and project management skills, to be able to transition into a leadership role in the future and to own important products and assist in developing the skills of those around him. This candidate has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Data Scientist with Master’s Degree-111CP

Data Scientist with two years of relevant experience with a master’s and bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and Statistics. This candidate has deployed several different modeling techniques including ML, tree-based, text classification, LDA topic modeling and text similarity. They have a strong statistical modeling as well as complex computational abilities using a variety of techniques. An excellent Python engineer and has worked with a variety of frameworks. Salary at $90K

Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst with 15+ years of experience in the IT space including Analyst and coding roles. Experience leading global teams and creating high level designs for various products. Excellent written and verbal communication skills including documentations of requirements and work flows. Background in both Waterfall and Agile Methodologies. Candidate salary range is $90K – $95K.

Wintel Professional

Wintel professional with extensive experience in administration, engineering, and support of information systems. In-depth expertise in the implementation, optimization, analysis, troubleshooting and documentation of LAN/WAN network systems. Also, skilled in building business relationships with proven results with the completion of many IT project installations. Salary requirements of $85K – $90K.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Senior UI/UX Designer with additional skills in JavaScript, Angular, Ruby on Rails, CSS, SASS, SCSS, and UI Frameworks. Heavy experience in design and content management for start-up companies. Interested in working with a large established firm. Salary requirements are $85K.