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Managed IT

Whether your computer networks are at your office or in the cloud, setting them up and keeping them healthy is a lot of work. Our expert Microsoft®-certified network engineers use proven methods and best practices to set your computer systems up correctly and keep them running.

LBMC Technology Solutions customizes our network administration services to meet each client’s business needs. Small to mid-sized companies use us as an outsourced IT department, where we manage and monitor the daily IT functions of their business. Larger organizations employ our team on a project basis for specific IT-related projects such as upgrades and expansion. In addition, remote support can be provided via our helpdesk or by utilizing our on-site services.

Client Testimonial

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“I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how appreciative I am of the support we get from the LBMC Technology team. This has been a very challenging year for us from an IT perspective, and your team absolutely delivered and stuck with us to get the ship turned around and heading in the right direction for 2017. It was especially important given the transaction we were undergoing to go from public company to private equity owned in the late spring. Robert, Nick, Brad, Matt, Josh, Will and the rest of the team … they all do a great job and help us focus on helping patients. Thank you again and know that we value the partnership with LBMC. Thanks, Scott”
CFO Symmetry Surgical
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“We have a unique business, and LBMC Technology Solutions is in tune with that. Off the shelf products do not work for us, and LBMC Technology Solutions has continually customized software to fit our unique needs. What’s more, LBMC isn’t pushy and takes our concerns into consideration when setting timelines and implementing projects. LBMC is s a true partner to our business, and we appreciate how their staff keeps us informed.”
Jim Guinn Bandit Lites
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“I must say how great it has been to work with Robert and his Network Administration team and that LBMC Technology Solutions has done an extraordinary job. It is very gratifying to enjoy such a long-term relationship with a partner like LBMC Technology Solutions, which now covers about 15 years for me personally, and to have them come through for me again and again when I’ve needed them. We look forward to continuing the work between FRN and LBMC Technology Solutions going forward.”
Richard Rodgers COO, Foundations Recovery Network
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“LBMC Technology Solutions’ Network Engineering team has our network looking good! Matt is taking really good care of us. He made our Office 365 conversion and firewall upgrade painless. He’s making my life easy!”
Mike Howell, Corporate Purchasing & IT Manager, Signal Industrial Products

TechCare Remote Managed Services

LBMC Technology Solutions’ TechCare Remote Managed Services provides monitoring for your servers, PCs, and network off-site to ensure that any potential issues are identified immediately, reducing or eliminating interruption to your business.

Benefits of TechCare Remote Managed Services

  • Proactive support and administration
  • Automatic system updates
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Remote control system troubleshooting
  • Centralized management console
  • Asset tracking – Hardware and software licensing reports

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides anywhere, anytime access to your data on any device. Solutions, security, and disaster recovery are cost-effective, efficient, available, and scalable for any size business.

As cloud computing has grown in popularity, several models and deployment strategies have emerged to help meet the specific needs of different users. Each type of cloud service and deployment method provides you with various levels of control, flexibility, and management. Understanding the different types (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service), as well as what deployment strategies you can use, can help you decide what set of services is right for your needs.

LBMC Technology Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in determining how best to use cloud software and services to save time and money and “stretch” resources to allow you to concentrate on your organization’s growth.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Gain a global footprint in hours, not months – Building a data center footprint to support the global operations of your business isn’t just expensive – it’s also very time-consuming. With cloud computing, you can access a reliable, high-performance global IT infrastructure with just a few clicks.
  • Focus on your core business activities instead of IT infrastructure – Focus on projects that differentiate your business, not the infrastructure. Cloud computing lets you focus on your own customers, rather than on the heavy lifting of racking, stacking and powering servers.
  • Achieve enterprise-class IT performance without upfront costs – Cloud computing offers value by enabling elastic consumption that scales with your needs and pay-as-you-go pricing models. Some providers do not require minimum commitments or long-term contracts.

Amazon Web Services

LBMC Technology Solutions offers cloud consulting, deployment, migration, and disaster recovery services using Amazon Web Services (AWS). By using cloud computing, organizations can achieve a lower variable cost than they could get on their own. AWS offers a broad set of global computing, storage, database, analytic, application, and deployment services that help organizations: lower IT costs, simplify operations, and scale applications quickly.

LBMC Technology Solutions focuses its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) expertise on three major areas: Replacement of on-premises network infrastructure, ERP software migration and Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Services.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services

  • Lower IT costs
  • Simplify operations
  • Quickly scale applications with ease
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AWS: Introduction to Amazon Web Services Use Cases

Managed Security Services – Data Protection

Businesses need to know their technology infrastructure is secure, yet the demands of day-to-day business often prohibit companies from providing the most effective protection for their networks. Data protection services from LBMC offer you peace of mind and reduced risks.

LBMC’s team provides a highly effective layer of security protection from unauthorized access and sensitive information disclosure through intrusion prevention and detection services. Our managed network intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services (IDS/IPS) offer robust protection and around-the-clock monitoring that can be readily scaled to your organization’s budget and evolving risk profile.

Benefits of Data Protection

  • Peace of mind – Our team works 365 days a year to keep your network safe.
  • Obsolescence protection – We maintain the IDPS/IPS hardware and software, so you don’t have to
  • Wire-speed monitoring – We support monitoring for extremely high-performance networks with low tolerance for latency
  • Extend your security team – Without adding anyone to payroll

CIO/CTO Services

A successful business requires strategic planning and execution in all areas. LBMC Technology Solutions offers technology professionals who can work with your leadership team to develop and drive strategic technology plans that align with your business objectives.

We work with you to identify how technology creates sound processes while anticipating trends with a forward-thinking approach to technology. LBMC Technology Solutions believes the main advantage of a virtual CIO/CTO is getting the same value as a traditional position at a more manageable cost; the institution can leverage knowledge and experience as needed, rather than employing a salaried executive. For a similar cost of an internal CIO’s salary and benefits, an institution can implement an entire team of virtual technology resources.

Benefits of Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer Strategy

  • Strategic Planning
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Compliance
  • Budget
  • Vendor Management
  • Security Strategies


Deploy how you want it, with your choice of tools. Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services that IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through the Microsoft network of data centers. Enjoy freedom to build and deploy at your leisure, using the tools, frameworks and applications of your choice. Microsoft Azure has custom solutions especially designed for the healthcare, financial, retail and discrete manufacturing industries. Azure can also connect with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics for greater user experience.

Benefits of Azure

  • Digital marketing – Connect with digital campaigns that are personalized
  • Mobile – Reach customers everywhere, on any device, with a single mobile app
  • Cloud Migration – Increase the speed of your digital transformation with cloud migration solutions
  • Backup and archive – Protect your data and applications to avoid costly business interruptions
  • Disaster Recovery – Protect all major IT systems


No matter your organization’s size, protect your network infrastructure with a Watchguard firewall.

Safeguard your network with WatchGuard’s award-winning, enterprise-grade protection. Now everyone can have enterprise level protection in one cost-effective, centrally managed solution. With WatchGuard, businesses everywhere can provide a trusted wireless environment for their team members. The system can be easily configured to give organizations the peak performance that they expect at a price point they will love. With visibility into the entire organization, WatchGuard puts your mind at ease and allows you to focus on building your business.

Benefits of WatchGuard

  • Simplicity – Easy and straight-forward to configure, deploy and centrally manage.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security – Best-in-class security services without the cost or complexity.
  • Visibility – Full network visibility with the power to take action immediately.
  • Performance – Fastest UTM performance at all price points.

What Makes LBMC Technology Solutions Different?

For over 20 years, LBMC Technology Solutions has been inspiring greatness through technology. We understand how important a reliable technology infrastructure is to your one-of-a-kind business. As your partner, we evaluate your unique business processes and current systems, then identify and apply the most effective solutions.

LBMC Technology Solutions is an award-winning reseller of recognizable industry standard software. If your business needs are beyond what an out-of-the-box software can offer, we will tailor a custom software solution to fit your specific business needs.

Our consultants build connections, nurture innovation, establish ongoing communication, and collaborate with you to architect the best system integration option to help you run your business better. We value our clients’ experience and have made it a critical part of our solutions to ensure we are earning your trust and becoming a long-term partner as your company grows.

Whether you need to supplement or outsource a single function, need an ally you can trust, or are in the market for a comprehensive business partner, LBMC Technology Solutions and our Family of Companies can simply be whatever your business needs us to be.