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Whether you are in growth/acquisition mode or have decided it’s time to sell your business, who do you trust to assess the financial records, quantify tax structuring savings, and eliminate potential deal roadblocks?

Our integrated TAS team has decades of experience in assisting corporate and private equity clients in financial, tax, information technology, and human resource / benefit due diligence on both the buy- and sell-side of M&A transactions. With surprises and uncertainty being the enemy, we work hand in hand with management, buyers, sellers, and third party advisors to ensure our client remains informed and prepared throughout the M&A process. Our approach is flexible and tailored to our client’s specific needs – creating a long-term, professional partnership that usually lasts well after the deal closes.


Our typical diligence scope would include:

  • Assessing the quality of earnings and free cash flow
  • Analyzing working capital trends and defining the working capital target
  • Identifying the key value drivers, risk areas, and opportunities for improvement
  • Discussing historical and future cash requirements (capex, liability exposures, etc.)
  • Supporting the accuracy of key management estimates and reserves
  • Assisting with the carve-out of excluded operations
  • Determining any red-flags that may hinder the expected close of the transaction
  • Documenting departures from GAAP and weaknesses in internal controls
  • Identifying potential tax exposures (income, state/local, payroll, property, and sale/use taxes)
  • Quantifying the impact of alternative transaction structures

Additionally, our diligence product can be bundled with purchase price allocations, cash flow modeling, IT risk assessments, HR/benefits comparisons, post-close integration, opening balance sheet audits, and other LBMC services.

Success Stories

"We’ve had the opportunity to see the value LBMC’s sell side engagement team multiple times in the past years - including a full diligence for a recapitalization and a more targeted, risk-based approach for our recent transaction with a private equity buyer. LBMC remained flexible with the scope of work, which changed as the sale process progressed - and their team was a true extension of our management team. The buyer’s Big 4 diligence providers clearly leveraged the work completed by LBMC, which increased the speed of close. We strongly believe LBMC’s diligence led to the buyer’s acceptance of the EBITDA adjustments and eliminated surprises that may have otherwise impacted the tight timeline to close." - Dan Oswald, CEO of Simplify Compliance LLC

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Other Members

“I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent work and professional guidance you provided us on this deal. So glad you guys are valued partner of ours.”
Richard Cribbs, CFO
Covenant Transportation Group on the acquisition of Landair Holdings, Inc.