Ashley Barton

Business Development, Cybersecurity

Image of Ashley Barton

University of Missouri–St. Louis, Bachelor of Science Degree

Ashley Barton is in business development with LBMC’s Cybersecurity division. He has facilitated the firm’s growth into new markets across the country.

When he joined LBMC in 2012, Ashley brought with him a remarkable depth of experience as a business leader responsible for growth initiatives. He draws on this experience “on the other side of the desk” to quickly grasp an organization’s long-term and immediate information security goals and risks, and then to bring together a team of LBMC professionals that can address those needs comprehensively and within the client’s budget.

Ashley has significant experience designing and delivering services to the healthcare and legal industries as well as Fortune 500 Companies during his career.

Before joining LBMC, Ashley was a Vice President for Vital Records Control, where he oversaw the company’s operations in Tennessee providing solutions to store, secure, and safeguard their hard copy documents and records.

During his tenure at VRC, Ashley led the firm into multiple new markets, including Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Nashville and Birmingham. He also oversaw many other operational aspects, including HIPAA and PCI compliance.

While at VRC, Ashley was a client of LBMC for five years, giving him a valuable and unique perspective as a former customer. This experience enables Ashley to effectively identify client needs and work with LBMC’s Client Delivery teams to provide the most valuable, relevant, and quality services possible. His experience in account management, client support and business development helps him effectively advocate for each of his clients.