Jacinda Paulson


Image of Jacinda Paulson

LBMC W Squared, LLC

Jacinda Paulson serves as a Controller for a variety of clients at LBMC W Squared, LLC.

Jacinda spends most of her client-facing time in the healthcare and retail industries where she is responsible for all accounting aspects including consolidation of over 30 legal entities, cash management, as well as acquisition due diligence to acquisition implementations. 

She joined W Squared in 2013 and became a part of the LBMC family of companies with the acquisition of W Squared in 2017. Starting out as a senior staff accountant, Jacinda was promoted to Assistant Controller in July 2014 and moved to the Controller role in August 2016. Jacinda ensures a great customer service experience and excels in developing and simplifying processes from operations to accounting functions as well as training business managers and administrators.

She is a graduate of Missouri State University where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting.