Jeff McCorpin

Chief Executive Officer, Technology Solutions

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Middle Tennessee State University, Nashville Tech – Computer Science

Jeff McCorpin is the CEO of LBMC Technology Solutions, LLC.

Jeff is the founding member of the LBMC Technology Solutions team. He started with the vision to take a group of talented people that knew how to use technology to make a business better and provide those services in a manner that was both best in class and rewarding for all parties involved.

In addition, Jeff wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of his employees, business partners and clients. This has been his mantra since his start in 1996 and it still holds true today.

Jeff’s day to day activities includes all aspects of running a business but his primary focus is on network engineering, business process/operations, enterprise content management, and related client services.

Jeff has been working with information systems for thirty-three years.  Jeff started his career with Computer-Land and the introduction of the IBM PC into the corporate world. Ever since that time he has found technology and the capabilities for applying it to business exciting. While Jeff can geek with the best of them, he knows how to match business requirements and strategic goals with the right technology. He also has directed teams to implement and deploy these solutions.  His experience includes the design, implementation, and administration of network systems, productivity and groupware applications, enterprise content management platforms, as well as overall improvement of operations via technical solutions.

Prior to joining LBMC Technology Solutions, LLC, Jeff spent 10 years with the Technology Services Group of Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).  During his time with Andersen, Jeff provided consulting services on multiple projects and helped lead Andersen’s southeastern technologies practice group.

If the fish are biting, well that is just a bonus.
Jeff McCorpin

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