The 2020 outlook will be the year of the customer, talent and economic climate according to the C-suite executives surveyed across the nation in LBMC‘s third annual business outlook survey. Leaders are laser focused on digital transformation, business intelligence and talent development with a keen eye on the national and global economic landscape in 2020.

While there was strong growth in 2019 at 80% and anticipated growth in 2020 at 83%, we see a significant increase in companies showing signs of slowing with one exception might be where private equity is involved, and an increase in savings efforts or tightening of the belts until the election on the national front and global economy stabilization.

If you have any questions related to how the conclusions in this survey may impact your business in the coming year, the team at LBMC can help. You may also contact us for additional copies of the report or to share your contact information to be included in next year’s survey.

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