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When it comes to handling your portfolio, LBMC understands your goals. That’s because they’re our goals too. You have big decisions to make, and we aim to give you the tools, insight and resources to help you succeed.

Our team of highly accredited, hands-on advisors brings far-reaching, national experience to a variety of clients from diverse industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, technology and beyond. With varying portfolio sizes, our clients range from local to national private equity organizations.

Thanks to the deep backing of the LBMC Family of Companies, we have the resources to provide both the business services to meet your daily needs and the connections to help facilitate your next investment. With our tailored, holistic approach, we go beyond basic accounting and focus on the big picture — working to increase company value and drive private equity growth.

We offer a wide range of services designed to enable you to look forward and advance your portfolio company without any unexpected surprises. With both buy-side and sell-side transaction services, we have the capability and expertise to take you from start-up to liquidation. Whether bundling services or creating a customized a la carte plan, LBMC has the expertise to be a partner in your progress.


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Introducing LBMC’s Private Equity Services

LBMC’s Experience with Private Equity Organizations

LBMC understands that challenges are inevitable at every stage of a private equity investment, and our business services are crafted to meet those business needs, however unique they might be. We have services and expertise tailored precisely for private equity organizations and related portfolio companies using our centralized model.

LBMC has experience working with a wide variety of investment firms, including:

  • Private equity
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Investment banking
  • Venture-backed

Additionally, we have experience with all stages of funds, including start-up and formation issues, operation issues, work-out planning, partner allocations valuation and wind-down activities.

We leverage the vast resources of the LBMC Family of Companies to bring you exactly what you need to succeed. Let us provide the added resources necessary to build a stronger portfolio company from the inside out.

Executive Team

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John Mark McDougal

Shareholder, Practice Leader Audit and Advisory

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Jim Meade

Shareholder, Audit and Advisory

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Lisa Nix

Shareholder, Practice Leader Transaction Advisory Services

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