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No matter the size of your company, Human Resources services are a must. Because the handling of HR tasks can demand much time and attention, many business owners opt to outsource these services through Human Resources Outsourcing.

HRO allows LBMC Employment Partners to serve as the coordinator and manager of selected HR roles for your business. With a convenient, single point of contact, our HRO model can provide individual or blended services to meet a company’s HR needs. LBMC Employment Partners combines Employee Benefits Brokering, HR, and/or Payroll services in customizable ways, as no two businesses are the same.

Our HRO model can be the perfect solution for companies who need assistance with compromising situations, employee recruiting and onboarding, employee handbooks, training, payroll, benefits brokering, and more.

Client Testimonial

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We used to do everything in-house, so I was a little skeptical about outsourcing HR. We started with LBMC Employment Partners to help with COBRA. I felt comfortable with that, so we went on to HR consulting, and then added payroll, which was huge. They helped write our employee handbook, and they handle all our healthcare benefits. Having 180 employees across offices in Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis, makes it harder to coordinate health insurance and benefits. All those questions used to come to me but now LBMC Employment Partners has a person I send my employees to, and they handle all their health insurance concerns. It’s been a great burden off me. I know their people by first name, and they know me. Even though they’re not in this building, I feel like they kind of are. They’re part of our company.
Partner and CFO, Nashville family-owned wholesale wine and spirits distributor
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I was initially concerned if outsourcing such a major task to a local firm was the right move. Could they successfully take care of more than 1300 employees across the country? Those concerns vanished as LBMC Employment Partners jumped in and seamlessly handled employee relations and compliance for us and our subsidiaries. When we partnered with LBMC, we got a team, not a single person. They are a part of our team, and in a more than seven-year relationship, we have never been without someone on the other end of the phone when an employee issue arose. We made a great business decision when we decided to hire LBMC to help us take care of those who take care of our customers.
CFO at a Nashville trucking company
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LBMC Employment Partners’ services eliminated the need for us to seek multi-vendor relationships, all while providing a more efficient, cost-effective approach to running a business. We found out quickly that not all service providers are alike. The human resources expertise behind the superb customer service has made LBMC an integral part of our core ability to meet the needs of our community over the past ten years. Trust usually evolves over time, but with LBMC, it was immediate and continuous. It is such a gift that we know they will be our long-time human resources partner for years to come. Their ability to work proactively and stay on top of the ever-changing human resources issues has enabled us the peace of mind to know that we have a trusted partner handling those aspects of our business.
President/CEO of a Franklin not-for-profit organization
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LBMC EP’s expertise has given us confidence in knowing that we are handling HR compliance issues correctly. The team is knowledgeable and prompt, and we highly recommend them based on our experiences of working together.
HR Director of a large manufacturing company
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We initially utilized LBMC EP just for payroll, but now they are our full-time HR resource. As a community bank, we believe that it is important to work with local companies. We went from 20 employees at the beginning to 236 people and we were able to better manage our growth with the assistance of LBMC EP. There’s a great degree of trust when you have LBMC EP helping you with human resources — they are responsive to our needs. They have been an invaluable partner for us; we have come to depend on them and have never been disappointed. They always get the job done in a timely manner.
Chairman and CEO at a community bank in Franklin, TN

Companies who are a part of LBMC Employment Partners HRO receive:

  • Development and Management of Employee Paperwork and Handbooks
  • Minimized Employment Risk for Client
  • Professional Supervisor and Employee Training
  • Efficient Payroll Processing, Payroll Tax Administration and Year-End W-2 Processing
  • Access to Certified HR Professionals
  • Access to Brokering Services for Negotiation of Contracts on Your Behalf


Human Resources Services

  • Dedicated Human Resources Professional
  • Comprehensive Review of HR Policies and Practices
  • Employee Handbook Development with Updates
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Employee Relations
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • HR Consulting and On-Call Services
  • Training
    • Supervisory Training
    • Harassment/Discrimination Avoidance
    • Leave (Example: Medical, FMLA, Personal)
    • Performance Management
  • Unemployment Claims Administration
  • Leave Administration
  • Family Medical Leave Act Administration
  • Section 125 Plan Administration

Payroll Services

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Tax Filings and Reporting
  • Year-End W-2’s
  • Paid Time-O (PTO) Accrual and Tracking
  • Third-Party Agency Payments and Reporting
  • SSAE-16 Compliant
  • Timekeeping Solutions
  • Online Enrollment Tool
  • Employee Self-Service

Brokering Services

  • Negotiation of Contract Variables & Rates
    • Contract Review of All Plans Proposed
    • Comparison of Rates to Current and Proposed Group Products
    • Identify Key Components Affecting Rate Increase and Compare to the Market and Current Plans
    • Review Utilization Data
  • Reconciliation of Billing Statements from all Benefit Providers
    • Assist with Reconciliation of Group Products
    • Provide Reconciled Statement
    • Address Issues Impacting Enrollment and/or Collection of Premium
  •  Administration and Communication of all Benefit Plans
  • Employee Benefit Advocacy Service for all Eligible Participants
  • COBRA Administration
  • Access to Employee Navigator, our online enrollment tool

Additional customized human resource services are available.

HR Outsourcing (HRO) Team

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Rebekah Harney

Partner and Chief Business Development Officer, Employment Partners

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Anna Maddox

Chief Human Resources Officer, Employment Partners

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Sharon Powlus

President and CEO, Employment Partners

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