A generous employee benefits package can be an excellent way to retain talent and to recruit the cream of the crop. While employees typically care about having good benefits, they might not always understand every part of them. So, how do you best communicate employee benefits without it seeming like a chore to complete or a foreign language for your team to learn? Here are some thoughts to consider.

Keep It Simple

What do graphic icons, three-point plans, and step-by-step user manuals have in common? They are simple, visual, and easy to understand. In the same way, employers should work to keep your benefits package messaging not only simple to understand but also conceptually interesting. A good idea might be to break your employee benefits communication plan into three simple categories such as healthcare, retirement, and specialty benefits. Other ideas could be to create a visual presentation or video to use instead of a typical print piece or folder of documents. From the actual benefits to the delivery method, get creative with your communication plan, but, above all, keep it simple.

Keep It Consistent

Communicating about benefits only once a year is never enough. If you want to retain great employees and build good team morale, you must communicate about benefits often throughout the year. Take advantage of opportunities like monthly e-newsletters, staff meetings, performance reviews, and even social media channels to consistently offer benefits information.

Keep It Accessible

Every employer should provide an employee handbook, which should include information on employee benefits and an overview of how to locate up-to-date benefits information. If possible, provide access to benefits information online. In addition, it’s a must that you provide a direct number for employees to call when benefits questions arise.

A comprehensive benefits package is one of the greatest employee perks. When it comes to educating staff about the full range of options available to them, strive to find creative ways to ensure they take full advantage of all your company offers. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your hiring and employee benefits communication initiatives! 

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