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Experts discuss key cybersecurity topics like Penetration Testing and Ransomware on LBMC’s monthly podcast, Cybersecurity Sense. Each episode covers issues such as HIPAA compliance and Web Application Security, keeping listeners well-informed about the latest trends and regulations. This podcast provides crucial insights and updates, helping listeners stay informed on the latest trends and regulations in cybersecurity.

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CASE STUDY: Healthcare Technology Client

Cost Savings of over $550,000

Case Study: Healthcare Technology

Problem: Our client approached LBMC to help minimize their audit fatigue and reduce costs related to cyber assessments. They also wanted to enhance the quality of their overall controls environment by streamlining the number of audits conducted across the enterprise.

Approach: LBMC began by identifying and recording all the cyber audits conducted across the organization. A specialized team was set up to meet with the client every month to ensure clear communication and effective coordination.

Initially, we found the client produced over ten SOC reports annually for different units. To reduce audits and costs, LBMC and company representatives developed standard controls usable across most units. The change to an Enterprise Controls SOC report streamlined the process, significantly saving time and money on each audit.

Next, LBMC carried out a HITRUST assessment for the entire enterprise. This allowed other units needing HITRUST assessments to adopt controls from the central report. As a result, there was no need to assess 972 controls individually.

Lastly, we aligned and merged the testing across the company’s various PCI environments. The company made its processes more efficient by aligning assessment schedules and combining cardholder data where possible. They also used LBMC’s extensive PCI knowledge to simplify the scope. As a result, they saved more than $175,000 annually on PCI assessments.

Solution: Thanks to LBMC’s strategic interventions, the client has realized significant cost savings amounting to over $550,000, including:

  • $35,000 per future SOC report
  • $159,000 in HITRUST audit fees
  • $179,000 in PCI assessment costs

This simpler approach made the audit process easier and more affordable. It also improved the quality of each assessment and strengthened the client’s cybersecurity framework.

Providing Solutions to Cybersecurity Problems

When you need strong cybersecurity services to safeguard your organization, LBMC’s Cybersecurity team offers comprehensive support. We provide IT assurance, technical security, and consulting services to strengthen your infrastructure. This allows you to focus on your daily business operations with less concern about security threats.

Client Testimonial

Testimonial Icon
Our partnership with LBMC has grown into a beneficial relationship that helps us reduce audit fatigue and cut costs. LBMC’s top security experts provide insights that enhance our security program. These improvements allow us to continuously advance our enterprise security posture and surpass standard security requirements.
Director of Information Security at a leading healthcare technology company
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I have over 30 years of experience in technology and have worked with all the major firm assessors in this field. I can say proudly with confidently that LBMC is second to none.
Vice-President and Chief Information Security Officer at a nationwide leader in post-acute healthcare
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You will not find a more professional team than LBMC. They are easy to work with, challenge us to be better, and deliver excellent results every time.
Senior Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance at a leading provider of software and information solutions for project-based businesses
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Reputation and cost were crucial in our initial choice, and LBMC’s diligent partnership has been impressive. Trust is foundational in our relationships with clients and their customers, particularly in exceeding their data security expectations. LBMC plays a vital role in enhancing our ability to securely manage and protect this data. Each audit reaffirms our program’s growth or helps us improve where needed.
Senior Vice-President and Chief Security Officer at a finance organization
Testimonial Icon
We continue to depend on LBMC’s expertise to enhance our security posture today and prepare for future challenges.
Vice-President of IT Security and Data Privacy at one of North America’s leaders in essential outsourced property services

Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions

Our cybersecurity professionals offer customized security solutions that cover a wide range of threats. Our team members work closely with you to tackle unique challenges and ensure the safety of your data.

We provide continuous system monitoring through our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, quickly detecting and responding to threats. This allows you to concentrate on essential business operations without the constant worry of cyber disruptions.

Our team also conducts comprehensive penetration testing to proactively identify and resolve vulnerabilities, thereby strengthening your network’s security.

We strictly adhere to standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001:2022. This ensures your cybersecurity measures not only protect customer information but also build trust in your security practices.

Our team aligns our strategies with your business goals to proactively enhance your cybersecurity posture. This collaboration ensures your cybersecurity measures are not only effective but also fully integrated with your overall business strategy.

IT Assurance Services

Cyber risk management and compliance is essential for your business, especially when it involves regulatory standards and protecting privacy. Working with experienced compliance and audit specialists, you receive tailored cybersecurity risk compliance strategies designed specifically for your needs. This ensures your security measures meet important standards and builds confidence with your clients that their data is secure

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Security Consulting Services

LBMC Cybersecurity uses its expertise in security projects and IT consulting to evaluate risks and conduct testing. This allows them to develop robust cybersecurity plans. With a deep understanding of what works in practice, our team effectively serves as your virtual security officer. We can help you implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program tailored to your company.

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Technical Security Services

Having the ability to respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents is critical for organizations. By partnering with a top penetration testing and cyber forensics company, you can strengthen your security infrastructure. This proactive approach identifies vulnerabilities in real time, preserving the integrity of your production systems and providing valuable insights.

Our team, featuring GIAC certified incident handlers, efficiently manages network and computer attacks to prevent unnecessary costs and the overuse of internal resources. This support gives you important information that helps you improve your cybersecurity strategies. It makes sure your security measures are strong and up-to-date.

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LBMC Cybersecurity Expertise

Audit Once, Report Many


To strengthen your business’ cybersecurity, working with experienced cybersecurity experts is key. Our experts have held significant roles in the field and use their experience to enhance our approach. This allows us to provide thoughtful advice and conduct audits effectively without disrupting your daily operations.

Additionally, our team is skilled in evaluating nearly every cybersecurity framework, enabling us to handle any audit your organization might need.

Our ability to perform one audit and generate several reports simplifies what could be a complex process. This not only makes managing cybersecurity compliance easier for you but also ensures it meets your specific needs. This way, you can keep focusing on what’s crucial—keeping your business secure and running smoothly.

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