Brian Willis, CISSP, QSA

Senior Manager, Information Security

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Wright State University,

Brian Willis is an information security consultant, auditor, and analyst with nearly 20 years’ experience in diverse technology roles.  From his beginnings as a systems analyst in small manufacturing environments Brian has at one time or another, and often at the same time, served as network engineer, client/server administrator, help desk technician, pen tester, and compliance manager.  Combining administrative experience with knowledge of compliance and security principals, Brian delivers practical guidance to his clients to ensure they achieve their goals and add value to their organizations.

Brian has been a PCI Qualified Security Assessor for over 8 years, leading assessments in the food marketing, food service, retail, healthcare, insurance, and POS system sectors, and has also served as the PCI Internal Security Assessor for North America’s largest contract food service provider.


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