Category: Audit and Assurance

Top ways to keep 401(k) plan in compliance

Now is the time to make sure your company’s retirement plan is in order and can sustain a rigorous Department of Labor or Internal Revenue Service review.

LIFO Method: What is LIFO?

The LIFO method, Last-In, First-Out, is used by U.S. companies with IRS approval to value inventory and has been a part of U.S. tax law for over 80 years.

Lean Inventory Management Basics for Manufacturing Companies

Lean manufacturing is a continuous improvement process that relies on everyone in the organization to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency. This article covers five smart ways to keep your inventory lean without compromising revenue and customer service.

Cycle Counting Benefits and Implementation

Cycle counting is a process that replaces comprehensive annual inventories with smaller counts conducted on a continuous basis. In this article learn how investing in a cycle counting inventory system now can create savings for your business in the long run.