Putting In The Effort, So You Don’t Have To

The Client

Established in 2001 by John Dyke, Turnip Truck is Nashville’s exclusive full-service, all-natural, and locally owned grocery store. Hailing from Greeneville, Tennessee, John spent his younger years working on a family farm. After moving to East Nashville, John realized how much he missed the fresh, quality produce that he had grown up with as a child.

Inspired and encouraged by neighbors who craved the same quality produce that John craved, he set out to bring the bounty of the farm to the heart of the city. John and the rest of Turnip Truck’s staff believe in the simple, timeless power of ethically grown and locally harvested food, which is why they offer only the freshest organic foods available in the region. With two stores (one in the Five Points neighborhood, and one in the Gulch), Turnip Truck “brings the seasonal bounty of area farms to our neighbors in the city.”

The Opportunity

Adam Williams, Turnips Truck’s CFO, knows all too well how tedious and time consuming processing payroll can be for a company: “At my previous company, we processed payroll in-house. We always had so many questions, week in and week out, and it tended to really bog us down.” With the Turnip Truck, Adam and John realized early on that payroll processing was not something they wanted to focus on in-house.

The Solution

After being reminded of  LBMC EP through an email blast and speaking with a LBMC EP representative, Adam and John believed partnering with them made a lot of sense. “With LBMC EP, everything is seamlessly taken care of. Everybody is reliably paid every week. We don’t have to worry; we know that someone is taking care of it for us,” explains Adam. “Being with LBMC EP, payroll is something that we haven’t had to put our energy into.”

Yet, payroll processing isn’t the only thing that LBMC EP handles for Turnip Truck — they also handle all of Turnip Truck’s ACA compliance. “When we heard that LBMC EP offered this service, it was a no brainer. We already used them for payroll, and they already have the info we needed, so it was a seamless transition,” Adam continues. “They have the capability to put these forms together and send them off accurately, which was something that we didn’t want to risk doing in-house.”

LBMC EP has gone above and beyond with customer service, offering to log-in from home or on the weekends to process late payroll or resolve any other issue that may come up (though there have been but a few). “We prefer to utilize local businesses whenever we are able, because we believe in Nashville. We want to give back to our community, and LBMC EP allows us that freedom.”