Is the Cloud an option for churches?

Is the Cloud an option for churches? Of course it is. We cover the three main points that all churches should consider – Security, Visibility, and Engagement. Read more.

Five Ways Technology is Helping Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are embracing technology to measure and report their performances. When used strategically, technology can not only show performance, but also help business growth and greater efficiency.

Is your company ready for ASC 606 and IFRS 15?

Intacct released the Contract and Revenue Management module this summer to address all of the upcoming rules for revenue reallocation and expense amortization. Learn more.

How to select good board members for your not-for-profit

If you’re looking for proof that it’s critically important for not-for-profit organizations to have a strong, highly engaged board, look no further than the story of Hershey Company, the chocolate maker.

IRS Changes Form 990 Sunshine Rules

One of the primary goals of the Revised Form 990 is transparency. This includes shining a light on certain transactions between the charity and insiders or “interested persons,” as disclosures may be triggered on Schedule L of Form 990.