Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution

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There’s strength in our numbers - enough to conquer your Manufacturing & Distribution challenges.

With more than 400 manufacturing and distribution clients, LBMC has the experience to overcome your specific obstacles. Our understanding of economic uncertainties, increasing costs of raw materials, legislative and regulatory issues, and political unrest is just part of the comprehensive support we bring to the table. That, combined with our financial expertise and tailored services from the LBMC Family of Companies, will boost performance and keep your business running strong.

Our products and services provide the visibility into operations, customers, and suppliers you need to track products, lower inventory levels, and lower the cost of internal operations. We can help your manufacturing or distribution company lower costs, increase your margins, and compete more effectively in today's challenging global market. And with our extensive network of seasoned partners, it's a promise upon which we can deliver.

Manufacturing & Distribution Services

LBMC provides a variety of core services that allow management to focus on running their businesses, including:

Foreign-Owned Companies and Japanese Business Services

Foreign-owned companies often have financial challenges that cannot be met by all accounting firms - from last minute projects to understanding the cultural differences, often there are no easy solutions to their needs. At LBMC, we have positioned our firm to be a solution to the financial challenges faced by Japanese-owned companies.

Downloadable Brochures in Japanese

Manufacturing & Distribution clients include:

  • Manufacturers of all sizes and types, including the automotive industry and supplies
  • Local, national and international distributors
  • Foreign-owned subsidiaries
  • Multi-state operations
  • Private equity and venture-backed and publicly traded companies

Client Testimonial

When we met the LBMC team, we immediately recognized they were speaking our language.  It was clear they understood our business model.  They were able to anticipate our needs and give insight on how to solve our business problems.  They presented insightful options and gave honest feedback about the pros and cons of each.  The honesty and integrity of their team won us over.” -Barb Turner, Diakonia

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