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What is Healthcare Consulting?

Healthcare Consulting is a consolidated service designed to address the major operational challenges of all healthcare providers:

  • Capturing Appropriate Revenue/Reimbursement
  • Compliance and Corporate Integrity

Most providers monitor various performance metrics with a close eye on the bottom-line. However, with patient care as the top priority of every healthcare provider, it can be difficult to address the constant changes in cost, declining reimbursements, changes in procedure coding, and increased vigilance by State and Federal authorities concerning corporate compliance. LBMC has a number of professionals with a wealth of healthcare industry experience in varying roles from CEO to Managed-Care Executives. Clients that partner with LBMC find the practical expertise to improve operational performance and boost the bottom-line.

Healthcare Consulting Services

Our goal is to offer the healthcare community one firm with the expertise and practical application needed to address the operational challenges of today's healthcare environment. Our objective is to help clients succeed, thereby indirectly impacting the financial stability of healthcare providers.