The number of high-profile data breaches should be a wake-up call to organizations everywhere. Clearly many organizations’ programs and tools are not as effective in mitigating breaches as they’d like to believe.

Your organization’s security needs are continually evolving. New threats and changes in regulatory requirements make the job of managing security that much more challenging. Senior executives understand what they’ve been doing isn’t effective. They need a new game plan.

Inside our Breach: A Guide to Network Security Best Practices for Prevention, Detection, and Response guide you’ll learn:

  • Risk assessment tips — how to gauge the relative security of your data
  • Why you need to shift the focus from technology and tactics to people and processes
  • How to mitigate cybercrime through better controls and processes
  • Practical strategies for reducing cybercrime
  • How to assess which security tasks to handle in-house and when to consider adding managed security services

Make sure your network security and data are safe.