Who is Hatch?

Hatch is an early-stage healthcare technology platform startup aiming to improve alignment between orthopedic care providers and self-funded employers to reduce overall healthcare costs.

As a young company, Hatch needed strategic finance and accounting support to help drive strategic decision-making and fuel rapid growth. They partnered with LBMC W Squared for outsourced finance and accounting services.

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I know Hatch wouldn't be where it is today if we didn't have the W Squared team in our corner. We wouldn't be as successful. We wouldn't be as financially solid. And we've been able to build this company the right way.
Adam Peebles, CGO at Hatch

Building out Hatch’s Finance Function

As a startup, Hatch lacked the internal finance and accounting expertise and bandwidth to effectively support strategic planning and growth. What they needed was a finance and accounting partner that could quickly adapt to their evolving needs across areas like pricing strategy, collections, payroll, and strategic planning.

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It quickly became apparent to me that it wasn't somebody just checking our books. It wasn't somebody just doing payroll or AP or AR. It was a strategic asset.
Adam Peebles, CGO at Hatch

Supporting Hatch from Transactional Accounting to Strategic Consulting

LBMC W Squared provided dedicated expertise through an ongoing partnership model that embedded their team within Hatch’s workflows. This included joining leadership meetings, collaborating on Slack, providing quick guidance by phone, and advising across everything from accounts receivable to Hatch’s strategic narrative and planning for future growth.

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I sometimes forget that they're not on our team because they're in our Slack channels, and they're on our text message threads, and we're talking to them that regularly.
Adam Peebles, CGO at Hatch

Key Results of Working with LBMC W Squared

  • W Squared’s strategic guidance enabled a major pricing strategy change that was tested and validated for the market based on ROI and cost justification.
  • Ongoing support for collections and AR management helped fuel Hatch’s revenue growth needed for expansion.
  • W Squared’s experience advising other health-tech companies helped Hatch build their company “the right way” operationally from the start.
  • Having a true finance and accounting partner gave Hatch’s founding team confidence in the company’s financial footing, allowing them to scale.

Hatch’s Chief Growth Officer, Adam Peebles, credited LBMC W Squared’s strategic partnership as a critical factor enabling Hatch to get to where they are today, driving success, growth, and financial sustainability. Their advice and adaptability empowered data-driven decision-making during a period of uncertainty and rapid change.

Scaling Your Finance and Accounting Function with W Squared

When Adam Peebles first started working with W Squared, he wanted more than just an outsourced accounting vendor. He wanted a strategic partner who could advise Hatch on how to build the company’s back office to ensure its future success.

Ready to scale your company’s finance and accounting function? Reach out to the experts at LBMC W Squared to get started.