Every organization has sensitive data it must protect. Whether you are a start-up company just beginning to think about information security or a more established company with defined information security and risk management programs, the journey to HITRUST certification will be a commendation recognizing your organization’s cybersecurity, privacy, and risk maturity.

Our free HITRUST guide provides insight into how organizations can achieve the coveted HITRUST CSF Certification. Use the guide to enhance your understanding of HITRUST, the HITRUST CSF, and how to utilize it as part of your information security risk management program. The guide was designed so you can either read it from start to finish or dig into the specific topics that are most applicable to your organization.

Download our guide today to learn:

  • What is HITRUST?
  • Recent Changes and New HITRUST Assessments
  • How to get started with HITRUST
  • Continuing the path to HITRUST validation
  • Optimizing HITRUST