Internet Phone Service: What you need to Know

Internet telephone technologies allow making telephone calls from a broadband Internet connection. Make the switch to Internet phone services today and enjoy lower costs and enhanced productivity.

Who can use an internet phone?

You must have an Internet connection and an appropriate device to use an Internet phone. Businesses typically see big benefits when switching to internet-based mobile phones.

Internet phone companies do not necessarily require new equipment for the addition of another telephone line. With a Softphone, the user has an opportunity to talk from their computer directly using inexpensive headphones.

What is an Internet phone?

When you make telephone calls using a broadband internet connection, it is known as an internet phone service. This technology requires an internet connection and a suitable device. It offers users the opportunity to enjoy fewer costs and enhanced productivity.

Businesses stand to gain significant benefits from this technology. They can communicate easily with customers via laptops, desktops, smartphones, or e-mails, without requiring any new equipment. Internet phone companies use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver calls through secure Internet networks. This allows users to call any number anywhere on earth with excellent call quality.

Internet phones provide users with many advanced functions. They are integrated into one intuitive system, which is why many businesses are now embracing them to replace old telephone systems. Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams provide cloud-based solutions that help businesses stay up-to-date with business phone systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices may connect via wireless or ethernet to a private branch network system (PBX).

Internet phone is an easy method of calling customers via the internet rather than using the traditional telephone system or PBX. Calling may occur directly from any device with the Internet such as a laptop, desktop, desk phone, smartphone, or e-mail.

The Internet telephone system uses VoIP technology that carries the calls through secure Internet networks. VoIP providers provide a means to bridge telephone/internet / mobile phone lines. You could call any number anywhere on earth, with any telephone company, and will experience excellent call quality.

Internet phone features for business

With internet phones, users enjoy the ability to use numerous advanced functions, all integrated into one, intuitive system.

Many companies are now embracing Internet phone service in an effort to replace the old telephone systems. Currently, internet phones offer the flexibility and economical choice needed to help companies thrive. Zoom Phone & Microsoft Teams provide cloud-based solutions to help businesses stay up-to-date with business phone systems.

Zoom Phone

What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a user-friendly system that allows you to add users on demand. Additional features include the ability to call from any place or device and manage your voicemail. The pricing is predictable and affordable, and the system is secure and reliable, serving many large companies worldwide.

Zoom Phone integrates easily with Zoom Meetings and video conferences. Users can enjoy a wide range of features, including video-conferencing, calls, or online chat.

Add users on demand

With one simple click, you can create new mobile phones or users with e-mail accounts in Zoom Phone.

Call from any place

Zoom Phone can help businesses grow and evolve faster than ever. Call anywhere, anytime, with only a connection to your internet or cellular network.

Call from any device

Zoom phones help to increase the efficiency of working with others in the office. Receive calls through your phone from your laptop or tablet.


Zoom phone forwards any unanswered or rejected calls to your voicemail. Zoom can be downloaded from your phone or tablet.

Initial setup

Whenever a Zoom Phone user has given you a Zoom Phone license, you’ll receive an e-mail requesting the installation. This process makes the setup simple and quick.

Simple, predictable pricing options

Zoom Phone delivers dependable prices on innovative business phone solutions. Firms of any size may use zoom phones for a better customer experience.

Secure, reliable, enterprise-quality

Zoom serves many large companies worldwide. Zoom users can enjoy unmatched reliability, security, and stability in the secure Zoom phone system.

Works smoothly with Zoom Meetings

Zoom phones integrate easily with Zoom Meetings and video-conferences allowing for a smooth transition to a video call.

Call history and recordings

Once you have made a phone call you are able to view the phone recorder’s history on the Zoom desktop app.


Internet phones have a wide range of features. You can use video conferencing, call, or online chat anytime.

Intelligent interface

Zoom phones have intuitive user interfaces through the Zoom App.

Phone calls

After installation, it’s simple to make and receive calls through Zoom phone. Call using the dialing device or by searching for contacts, internals, externals, or syncs.

Collaborate more effectively

Get the best productivity possible, reduce time, and do more to keep everyone informed and make sure everyone can participate.

Easy setup and delivery of webinars

Showcase your brand on personalized registration pages and inform visitors by confirming via email. Assess impacts through attendance reports.

Host meetings of all kinds from anywhere

Virtually communicate with one another or host a webinar for up to 1000 people.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is both an interactive collaboration tool for working together at home or the office. It allows users to talk via text chat or audio and offers links to several Microsoft 365 applications.

When it comes to collaboration, Microsoft Teams helps people work together and make things happen. Collaborate on secure collaboration documents, cloud-based storage, and shared documents. Easily contact any individual, and get to know each other in a friendly manner.

Microsoft Teams features

Microsoft Teams provides every key feature of collaboration, from high-quality audio and video to calls, text messages, and group chats. Users can also share screens with others to allow viewers to follow the presentation. Teams will allow recording of meetings so that the people who cannot attend are allowed to see what they missed.


Microsoft Teams encrypts data between participants by storing the cryptographic keys on user devices.

Collaborate with multiple organizations as one extended team

Use shared channels for sharing, chatting, meeting, sharing, coauthoring, and sharing content and collaboration.

Get the best view

Dynamic view automatically organizes and optimizes meeting elements to improve the quality.

Connect immediately

Send instant messages to yourself or share from your device. You can personalize messages using text editing and tags.

Easy setup and delivery of webinars

Show your brand by creating your own registration page and notify the attendees via confirmation emails.

Get everyone on the same page with real-time collaboration

Share files, share coauthors, and modify information simultaneously. Automatically saves all change ideas together using the Microsoft Whiteboard app.

Brainstorm together wherever you are

Draw on a computer screen using a remote or by using a touchscreen device on an interactive screen.

Host & join meetings of all kinds from anywhere

Virtually connect in person, conduct team training, or host a live webinar.

Make conversations easy to follow

Identify or differentiate between voices in the Microsoft Teams Room using intelligent speaker technology.

Delight and engage webinar attendees

Host entertaining and interactive webinar sessions with a dynamic audience, live polls, and live responses.

Control the room

Limit meeting interruptions by switching off Room Remote features from the Teams mobile app.

Transform your presentation experience

Get your audience engaged by reviewing notes and seeing real-time reactions from speakers.

What’s best for me?

No matter whether you need group chats, group calling, or a simple video meeting capability, we can help. LBMC Technology Solutions will be able to consult, advise and implement the best cloud phone system for your business. Contact us to help your organization stay connected.