Generative AI brings new and cutting edge options that can help facilitate a best-in-class revenue cycle. “Generative AI is capable of producing highly realistic and complex content that mimics human creativity, making it a valuable tool for many industries such as gaming, entertainment, and product design.” (source: With such a powerful tool there will be an array of options available to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care provider revenue cycle.

During this session, we will explore broad and specific ways to leverage generative AI in revenue cycle management. We will cover use cases, implementation strategy, phased approaches to implementation, most impactful revenue cycle areas and financial impact.

Webinar Duration 33.33

Key Takeaways:

  • How generative AI can favorably impact the revenue cycle
  • Specific ways to leverage generative AI in the revenue cycle
  • Generative AI implementation strategy overview
  • Recommended implementation phases


Jon Hilton – Shareholder, LBMC

Lane Jackson – Shareholder, LBMC