A company is only as good as its people, which is why productivity in the workplace is such an important focus for many businesses. A recent Gallup report found that 85 percent of workers are not engaged at work, resulting in estimates of up to $7 trillion in lost productivity.

It can be tempting to simply pin the responsibility of being productive onto individual workers, but work conditions and company culture have a big impact on whether or not a company gets the best from its employees.

Whether your employees are at the office or working remotely, here are a few tips for keeping employees engaged at work and boosting productivity:

  1. Give workers the right tools for their job.
    Keeping up with the right technology and equipment for your company can be expensive and time-consuming, but lagging behind also takes a toll. Make sure your employees have updated tech and equipment that can enhance their work experience. Without the right tools for the job, even highly driven workers can become frustrated and unproductive. For employees working remotely, encourage them to have a dedicated workspace in their home and make sure they have whatever equipment they need to work as well as they would from the office.
  1. Set expectations.
    It’s hard to hit the mark on productivity if it’s always a moving target. Employees who have a clear idea of what is expected of them are more likely to meet those expectations. Managers should set explicit goals for their employees that are specific, clear, challenging, and achievable. This helps workers have something to strive for and to know when they need to pick up their productivity.
  1. Provide support and encourage self-care.
    With so many people now working remotely, helping employees find a work-life balance is more difficult than ever. Employees who are stressed about problems outside of work are more likely to burn out and become unproductive on the job. Giving workers space to take time off and manage the challenges in their lives will help them to better focus at work. Encourage your workers to log off and give themselves a break, or provide some extra perks to help employees feel valued.
  1. Give employees training and advancement opportunities.
    Feeling stagnant in a job is one of the main things that leads to unproductive behavior. Employees want to feel that they are growing professionally and that their hard work could lead them to a better job someday. Providing employees with opportunities for professional growth through training or advancement programs will help keep them excited about their jobs.
  1. Communicate clearly and often.
    Managers may be busy, but taking time to check in with employees should be one of the key parts of their jobs. Whether it’s an email, a phone call, or a meeting, managers should take a few minutes each week to ensure their employees are taken care of and up to speed about what is expected of them.

Do Your Employees Need a Productivity Boost?

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